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About Me

My name is Sharon Rairigh (rhymes with prairie). I’m a graphic designer and digital artist based in Los Angeles, California. Prior to starting my own business, I worked in advertising and magazine publishing while putting myself through school studying graphic design and photography.

My skills encompass design and page layout, photo retouching and enhancement, digital illustration/art, copy editing, web design and implementation, SEO and Flash animation. My work includes brochures, newsletters, logos, websites, landing pages, magazine layouts, book covers, mailers, business cards and stationery, flyers, menus, display ads, DVD & CD packaging and illustrations.

Having a personal commitment to exceptional service, I often find myself going beyond what is needed for a job or project. For instance, I created the designs for a successful new product and helped the client with all facets of marketing it. Another client was full of ideas but insecure of her ability to execute them. I helped her to understand the tools she would need and then proceeded to work along side her as she grew.

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