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Tricks & Tips for SEO (Post Fred Update)

The new Fred algorithm has had people in the online world shaking their heads. Traffic for many sites has dropped by 90% since the roll out announced by Google representative Gary Illyes on his Twitter account. While people might be looking to reinvent the wheel, there is no new gold egg for SEO. The standard advice that once applied for SEO is still relevant.

When making a website under a domain, focus the content on one thing. This will help the site rank highly in the main idea that the site is about. For example, if the website is about plumbing, then don’t start doing a segment on gardening as well. This will confuse the matter when the site is being categorized.

Take away the extraneous parts of the website that slow it down. People are downloading content on the go now, and it is estimated that if they don’t get to the site in three seconds, they will just exit out. This is a small window of opportunity to make sure that even if the site is ranking high, people will actually explore the page at all.

Another tip is to stay organized. That means learning how to link all the content on the site. It will take research, but the content must be easily accessible to users. They will not stick around to figure out how to get to the really interesting article on the site if it is not in the articles section.

Finally, don’t just throw around those keywords. People can sense when you’re trying to emphasize a word or phrase over and over. It doesn’t read well and people might wonder if English is a second language to the website owner. Put the keywords in naturally and make the sentences count. If one is not a natural writer, then employing one might help with this process.

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