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Usage of the Vessel Window Wipers

Vessel Window Wiper

Starters and professional captains alike understand that efficient vessel window wipers save a great deal of marine hustles. And that travelling in stormy, salty, and the risky criminal and shark would amount to nothing were it not for study windows and their wipers. This has over the years necessitated the invention of much better high quality vessel window wipers.

Though the market is swarming with multiple options, most vessel window wipers share one thing in common: strength. Majority are assembled alongside a functional horsepower mechanism which enables them to easily withstand gun shocks. Depending on the situation, modern vessel window wipers can now be controlled from the control box to achieve desired speed in regard to the situation. The wiper is further protected from the seawater by a layer of navy grade materials.

In general, the vessel window wiper comprises of:

  • Internal or external motor
  • Motor enclosure and corrosion proof body
  • Defense approval
  • Ability to withstand gun recoil shocks
  • Heavy duty straight line

These vessel window wipers by GIANTECH Engineering Pte Ltd are heavily constructed and are highly valuably in areas requiring heavy vibration resistance. Some of these areas include defense organization where they are heavily used in warships and defense vessels.

Light Weight Straight Line

Just like the name suggest, these vessel window wipers are limited to lightweight marine vessels. The system is made of high quality rigid design suitable for fast attack petrol vessels (FPVS)


These wipers are suitable for small and middle sized vessels bearing designs suited for smaller windows.

The Wiper Control System

The modern wiper control system comprises of sensors, MCBs and PLCs which makes it possible to possible to handle a number of tasks such as washing, heating, wiping and group control. In addition, the system also comprises:

  • IP enclosure
  • Touch screen HMI
  • Self parking mechanism
  • Variable speed mechanism

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